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Other Publications by Julie Bindel

Profitable Exploits! Lap Dancing in the UK

This report is based on a study on lap dancing and lap dancing clubs conducted for Glasgow City Council, in a context of growing concerns of the Council regarding the current licensing system and lack of local authority powers.

The report addresses the origin and history of lap dancing, employment conditions, the law and a range of perceptions; the police, licensing boards, the general public, customers and dancers.The study involved literature review, Internet research, visits to clubs and interviews. The report concludes that there is evidence that activities within lap dancing clubs are in direct contradiction with equality between men and women, and normalises men's sexual objectification of women.

Available to view at the Glasgow City Council Website.

See Project: Study and Report on Lapdancing

Authors: Julie Bindel

A Critical Examination of Responses to Prostitution in Four Countries: Victoria-Australia, Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden

This review was commissioned by the Routes Out Partnership Board. Responses to prostitution in four countries is explored, and the following issues are addressed;

  • The current approach to prostitution
  • The previous approach
  • The impetus/rationale for change from the previous position
  • The long and short term aims of the approach
  • The understanding in relation to the cause and effects of prostitution and to what extent this has influenced the approach
  • The implementation of the approach and any issues that arose from this
  • To describe the impact and implications for women involved in prostitution, police and health services
  • To describe and analyse legal changes and highlight the impact on women involved in prostitution and the men who use them
  • To draw out any implications of these legal changes for the Routes Out SIP

Available to view at the Glasgow City Council website.

See Project: Critical Examination of Responses to Prostitution in Four Countries

Authors: Julie Bindel, Liz Kelly

Domestic Violence Matters: An Evaluation of a Development Project

This report documents the multi-methodological evaluation of 'Domestic Violence Matters' (DVM), an adaptation of a Canadian project - the Family Consultancy Service (London, Ontario) - which involves locating a team of skilled civilian support workers within the police service to follow up police responses to domestic violence.

Available to view at the Home Office website.

See Project: Evaluation of Domestic Violence Matters (A Development Project)

Authors: Liz Kelly, Julie Bindel, Sheila Burton, Dianne Butterworth, Kate Cook, Linda Regan

Feminist Activism in the 1990s

Gabrielle Griffin (ed.), Taylor and Francis

Authors: Julie Bindel, Kate Cook, Liz Kelly